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European Academy of Science

European Academy of Science

1190 Wien, Geweygasse 4A/1

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Academician Prof. Dr. Milija Zečević - president

Academician Prof. Dr. Roldan More

Academician Prof. Dr. Eduard Evrinov

Academician Prof. Dr. Dumitry Mazily

Academician Prof. Dr. Herber Muller

Academician Prof. Dr. Yuli Vorontsov

Academician Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Linnert

Academician Prof. Dr. Zoran Simićević

Academician Jean Herve Habay

Academician Prof. Dr. Vojko Đukić

Academician Beatriz Estebanez Gaston

Academian Alfred Mahdavy

Academian Prof. Dr. Bojana Rilke

Academian Prof. Dr. Ludvik Toplak



      1. Prof. Dr. Bojana Rilke




European Academy of Science Statuen vom 6. April 2005           PDF

Statut Evropske akademije nauke, Beč - Baden 6. April 2005    PDF

The European Academy of Science Statue, Vienna April 6th        PDF


Bundespolizeidirektion Wien - BESCHEID                                        PDF



Vereinsregisterauszaug zum Stichtag 23.04.2005               PDF



Vereinsregisterauszaug zum Stichtag 08.07.2008              eu PDF




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